About Me

I, Abolfazl rajabian, son of the late Haj Yadullah Rajabian was born in the holy city of Qom in 1955.

When I went to the primary school I was taught the techniques and the elegance of the art of weaving carpet by my father. At the beginning of entering the university I took charge of managing my father’s business. Since I loved this profession and my father was my real incentive our products, in addition to being of the best-quality, gained reputation through out America, Europe, and Persian Gulf Border States regarding their design, color scheme, raw material, and texture .For this reason the first registered trade mark for the production and export of hand-woven carpet in Iran and International registration (Madrid union) was given to my company.

Inspired by “Rose Flower “scheme designed by his late father, Abulfazl Rajabian innovated new schemes of it and it is prideful now that the majority of carpet producers follow the same scheme designed by him.

It is worth mentioning that all of the products of Abolfazl Rajabian Co. have obtained special trade mark, ID card, and warrantee.

The honorable purchasers must pay attention to the company’s trade mark under the name of “Abolfazl Rajabian” written inside a frame both in English and in Persian with the registration No.60713. I pride of the fact that I have taken use of the reputation and the precious experiences of my late father.

And now Abolfazl Rajabian Carpet Production And Export Company with the most various schemes and with more than 90 years records of production (both father and son) and using herbal colors, best-quality raw materials, and experienced carpet weavers, and being informed of the recent information about the interests, traditions, and desires of the lovers of art across the world can meet their needs.

In the following there are some reasons for the reputation of the products of Abolfazl Rajabian Company:

1- Abolfazl Rajabian Company is the innovator and producer of silk carpet with Rose Flower scheme.

2-Rose Flower is the characteristic and specific mark of the products of Abolfazl rajabian Co. across the world.

3- Abolfazl Rajabian Company uses “Rose Flower” scheme in a new method and design.

4- Abolfazl Rajabian Company with more than 90 years records has obtained the first international registered trade mark in carpet production in Iran and International registration (Madrid union).

5- Abolfazl Rajabian Company uses female experienced and artist carpet weavers and Persian knots.

6-Abolfazl Rajabian Company innovates and uses the most various and modern schemes

7- Using herbal colors and Persian knots Abolfazl Rajabian Company created a different world of carpet

8- The wrap and woof of the products of Abolfazl Rajabian Company is of full silk.

9- Abolfazl Rajabian Company uses the best-quality raw materials in producing carpets

10- Abolfazl Rajabian Company takes use of the modern technology and the experiences of the previous experts and the interests and desires of the lovers of this art.